When to consider working for a non-profit

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When to consider working for non-profits

If you are contemplating or curious about devoting your time fully or partially to any non-profit cause, the following questions may help you evaluate your decision to move ahead:

1. Do you have spare time and energy in hand to devote to something meaningful without expecting anything in return? – For example, if you have a day job, there’s a chance that you might want to spend your weekends with family and taking care of errands and household chores. So, if you want to find time to work for causes you believe in during weekends, consider hiring a help. The key here is prioritization and time management. You might not want to end up getting tired on Sunday evening that could affect your productivity at work in the coming week.

2. Can you afford to commit yourself to a noble cause? Affordability includes, financial motives as well. For example, if your passion is to work for a non-profit full-time but, you have debts to take care of, its probably not the right time for you to take the leap.

3. Do you have a heart to think about a bigger picture beyond yourself? – Sometimes, people may start questioning you for your decision to pursue your heart. There’s a chance that you might lose your drive to work for the causes you believe if you keep yourself surrounded by people who don’t get the idea of working for something noble and free. Ensure you don’t get carried away.

4. Are you dying to create a dent in the universe? – Every little contribution brings a change. Understand that you will be a part of that change.

5. Are you still figuring out the purpose of your existence? – If you are a person having a quarter or a mid-life crisis, consider working for a non-profit intentionally. Lose yourself in serving others and I’m sure you will be much more at peace.

6. Do you want to set an example to your kids and the people around you? – Leading by example is probably, the best form of leadership according to me. People observe fellow human beings and a repeated observation of good deeds will create a goodness in others as well. Its a great way to encourage compassion and humanity.

7. Do you have questions about life in your mind that requires more clarity? – Sometimes, we may not be convinced about what people say about life and we might want to figure things out on our own. This is definitely a good sign to think about doing something meaningful and you know what to do then.

If you can think of more reasons and questions, feel free to add in the comments section.