Comparative study in a research with word limit

Comparative research word limit

When I was in grad school, I did submit several course works that also, included, comparative study of different Industrial Relations scenario. Almost all of these course works came with a word limit thereby, limiting the scope of research.
Here are some of the things I learned while dealing with comparative studies especially, the ones with word limit.
1. Take any one parameter/variable (among the many parameters) and compare the variable across different participants that are being compared, keeping everything else constant.
2. Do an analysis by drawing the differences and similarities among the participants under study with respect to the variable under consideration.
3. Since we’re not considering all the parameters in the comparative analysis, state the limitations of your study  at the end of the analysis to minimize generalization and to set the context.
These steps would bring more clarity to your thoughts and help you stay focussed on a particular problem. Trust me, this approach would take you a long way in your research career.
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