Typical structure of a research paper

Structure Research Paper Sou's Career Journal

Here’s the typical structure/outline I followed for all my course works while I was in grad school. Hope this helps with your research.
The Descriptive Phase:
1. Define the problem/objective of the paper – What is it that you’re trying to accomplish through this research?
2. Definition of important terminologies – What does the different terms mean in the current context?
3. Selection of themes – Themes could include different parameters, elements, and factors influencing the problem. Pick the ones that could help answer your question in the best way possible.
4. Elaborate the picked themes – Sub-themes, the whats, hows, and the whys of it and how it is connected to the question.
The Analysis Phase:
5. Analyze the themes – Compare the themes and see if you can find any similarities, differences or patterns that can help answer the question.
6. Illustrate – Find examples to illustrate your observations from the analysis.
The Opinion Phase (optional):
7. Suggest recommendations, if any – If the solution is a proven one, quote examples. Use extrapolation, if required, to support your argument.
What outline do you follow for your research paper? Share a thought.