When to consider outsourcing at work

outsource work sou's career journal

outsource work sou’s career journal

Outsourcing is typically, done when it becomes impossible to focus on each and every aspect of running a business. Here are some of the scenarios when outsourcing could be a solution:
1. Lack of skill sets – When you can’t find an in-house talent having a certain set of skills or competencies, consider a lateral hire who has already undergone the required basic training.
2. Too many things to do – When you have too many things on your plate to decide that can affect the outcome/quality of outcome and your peace of mind, outsource less challenging and certain administrative tasks. Else, find tools to automate these tasks.
3. Affordability – Sometimes, outsourcing could be cheaper and sometimes, it could be expensive. See which one you can trade in at that point of time considering your short-term and long-term goals.
Keep in mind that prioritization and knowing what you want is the key here.