Importance of creating a beautiful daily routine

daily routine importance sou's career journal

daily routine importance sou’s career journal

Until last year, I always had this constant urge to plan holidays. Initially, I assumed it was because of my passion for traveling. On retrospection, I realized that my daily routine didn’t provide me enough joy. I started paying more attention to my daily routine and wrote down the things I did on a daily basis. I kept a journal for this and wrote down what I felt when I did a certain task. I continued this exercise for almost 3 months intentionally and I found three things to include in my routine – swimming/exercising, blogging and making music.  I included more of these three in my routine and noticed a positive difference in my mood and attitude. Needless to say, I have felt motivated to do my work the next day. Also, I found an activity that I need to do less – watching TV.
Clearly, crafting a wonderful daily routine improves your productivity by leaps and bounds.
So, what’s your daily routine?