Visualizing your lifestyle helps improve your productivity

visualize lifestyle productivity sou's career journal

visualize lifestyle productivity sou’s career journal

All of us have a particular kind of lifestyle. Sometimes, the lifestyle we want and the lifestyle we are currently, having could be different. In order to achieve and maintain our favorite kind of lifestyle, we might have to be a little creative. We got to imagine and visualize the different elements that we would want to include in our lifestyle. It would not only, teach us prioritizing important things in our life but also, teach us time management and problem-solving.
For example, I’m a hobbyist musician and a blogger, and I love to lead a physically and mentally active lifestyle. I visualized how my typical weekday and weekend should be and started drawing out a mental map. I discussed the plan with my husband to make room for some quality family time as well. Eventually, I made a weekly routine that included my most favorite things.
Note that you might not get a lot of time to pursue your favorite activities but, the small amount of time to accommodate what we love creates a huge difference in our lives. The point is to get closer to live a life of your dreams and to bring out the best in you.



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