Why should we have a hobby?

Why hobby sou's career journal

Why hobby sou’s career journal

Everyone must have a hobby in today’s world. Considering the way businesses operate these days, the world could use more crazy weirdos and engaging personalities who can provide an alternate perspective to things with their different thought processes. Apparently, the typical 9 to 5 workdays, when we come back from work and watch so many hours of TV, are slowly fading away.
What we think and do after work hours and on weekends have become critical in defining our success as professionals and individuals. Therefore, having a hobby has become inevitable in the era we are living.
With so many sources of amusements and entertainment choices (read distractions) we have right now, odds are we tend to consume more than we create. In order to maintain an optimum or a higher creation-consumption ratio, hobbies come to our rescue.