How to choose the ‘right’ hobby?

choosing right hobby sou's career journal

choosing right hobby sou’s career journal

I would like to define a ‘right’ hobby as something that feeds both our brain and soul. It could be something that exposes our other side, which we would not have developed otherwise.
Odds are we tend to make the skills that we are good at our profession, if financially viable, or a hobby, if not financially feasible. What if, we have not figured out what we are good at, till now? The formal education system makes it easier for us to choose our professions, as it has a structure, which helps us develop skills to be employable in the job market. However, when it comes to hobbies, most of us either settle down for things that we are good at or tend to pick up those that our friends do as that is the easiest thing to do.
A better approach would be considering those hobbies that involve skill sets, which consistently challenges us to exert our limits and move out of our comfort shells.