Why self-discovery is important?

why self discovery sou's career journall

why self discovery sou’s career journal

Once you know what you want and who you are:
1. Easier decision-making – From shopping to solving problems at work, you will start taking decisions more quickly.
2. Better choices in life – We live in a world of surplus. There are just too many options and information to digest making our job of choosing difficult. Self-discovery trains your mind to focus only those options that are relevant to your life.
3. The clarity in thoughts – The more focused you are, your thoughts will get clearer.
4. Knowing strengths and weaknesses – You will know exactly which strengths to amplify and which weaknesses to improve. This can help you in your career.
6. Spending money on the right things – When your mind focuses on only the things that are relevant and important, you tend to spend less money on things that are irrelevant and unimportant to you. This helps save money, and it is likely that your investments will reap benefits.
One way to discover yourself is through journaling. Start a blog as it would make you feel accountable for the changes you are making to your lives and also, would help you track progress. The more you reflect on life, the more you learn about yourself and the more you discover yourself.