Revisit the rules

revisit the rules sou's career journal

revisit the rules sou’s career journal

I have a friend who, throughout her high school and undergrad, was always a topper with fantastic grades. Later, she got an excellent job because of her consistently good grades. However, once she got the job, she assumed that the rules of the game were still the same while, in fact, the rules were different. She never excelled at the responsibilities given to her and eventually, she was left behind while all her peers, who were once just average students in high school and undergrad, started becoming better than her. She could not figure out why this was happening to her.
She went ahead and did her MBA thinking a business degree would help her achieve what she wanted and would be a reset button in her career. She did well in her MBA and again got great grades and topped the class. She got an ‘ok’ job for the investment she did for her MBA. However, again, her peers, and people who were her juniors in college started doing much better than her in their careers while she fell behind again.
The problem here was she was not reinventing herself. The factors that got her the grades and her MBA degree were not relevant in the actual work world.
The industrial mindset that obtained her good grades were fading away (and will soon become extinct) but, she did not realize it. This is somewhat similar to the Peters Principle in management theory.
We live in a dynamic world where the pace of innovation and obsoletion is happening at a lightning speed. Hence, it is necessary to revisit the rules of the game we are playing or intend to play from time to time. Otherwise, we may miss the chance of our lifetime.


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