Passion and Mission is a win-win strategy

passion mission sou's career journal

passion mission sou’s career journal

Most of us have our own personal objectives or dreams in life. Some of us want to save the planet; some of us want to start a business that can provide employment to many, some of us want to make meaningful art and so on.
However, sometimes our causes can get contradictory. For example, a tribe whose mission is to save the planet may fight against a tribe who wants to start a business that can provide solutions to human diseases by making not eco-friendly drugs. How do we balance this contradictory set of our life’s missions? How do we decide whose mission is more important?
I believe this is where passion comes into play. How passionate a tribe is in accomplishing its mission? How passionate a tribe is to come up with crazy innovative solutions that can help accomplish its mission? At some point, when the non-passionate people quit, that is when the passionate tribe takes over and accomplish their mission by proving that their mission is more important.
So, ultimately it is our passion that counts. Don’t you think?