When teachers matter and when they don’t

teachers matter sou's career journal

teachers matter sou’s career journal

The role of teachers is significant especially during our formative years. More than sharing their expertise with children, teachers have to make the subject interesting to the kids. For example, I used to love physics during my high school days. That was not because of my interest towards physics but, because of how my physics teacher made the subject fascinating by providing a different perspective and making the subject more interesting.
However, at a graduate school level our interest and love for the subject takes over how our professors deal with the subject. The reverse scenario could create problems. For example, one of my friends in her MBA program took finance as a specialization because the professor was a finance expert and not because she was passionate about the subject. Later, when she landed a job as a financial analyst, she struggled quite a bit to cultivate a passion for the subject. Moreover, now she regrets about her choice.
In summary, it is important to remember that rules of the game (read life) change often and we need to pay attention to these changes to become a better player.