How to integrate our hobbies with our profession?

hobby prof integration scj

hobby prof integration scj

The concept of work-life balance has evolved to work-life integration in today’s world. Similarly, it makes sense to integrate our actual job/profession and our hobbies.
In order to integrate, we have to be more mindful when we take hobbies and jobs. Not everything could be integrated unless we are crazy enough to think out of the box to connect the dots among things we do.
I am an independent musician, an avid blogger and, an amateur video editor in addition to being an HR professional. Here are some of the transferable skills I developed from my hobbies:
1. Music has helped me train and use different parts of my brain I otherwise, wouldn’t have used (this is a proven fact backed up by several scientific studies).
2. Music has taught me to be in the moment, to develop an alternate perspective on things, patience, persistence and discipline.
3. Blogging has been a joy and it entirely, changed the way I thought about life. It helped me develop a more structured thought process, which I can use in a variety of situations in life. Needless to say, my communication skills has improved by leaps and bounds.
4. Video editing and filmmaking has changed the way I experienced traveling and in turn, my attitude towards life. I’ve started to own less and be more, which have only made me more creative and resourceful.
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The relationship equivalent of having hobbies is having a mistress.