What inspired me to pursue a degree in HR?

inspired hr degree sou's career journal

inspired hr degree sou’s career journal

When I was working as an IT consultant at TechM, I had friends in the HR department. At one point, they were looking for recently joined employees to accompany them for recruitment drives and assist them for employee engagement initiatives. I along with a few others volunteered to do this. These were outside of my job responsibilities, and I did this because I was passionately curious about knowing the people side of running an organization.
As a part of the recruitment events, I had a chance to go to different engineering colleges in and outside the state. The traveling, meeting with young and bright minds, staying and dining in luxury hotel rooms – for a person who just passed out of undergrad, I felt I like I was living a dream. It was something I had seen only in movies – the power suit, power tie lifestyle. I got to experience first-hand as to how employees can impact the branding of an organization.
As a part of employee engagement initiatives, I had a chance to organize quarterly team outings and bring ideas for team building activities. Not only did these initiatives improved the morale of the team by decreasing the attrition rate but also, improved the productivity of the team by reducing the backlog of the number of tickets. All these experiences made me more intrigued about the HR side of a business and how HR can impact a business. However, I had to let this thought sink in my mind for a while before I asked for a change in role in my organization to try my hands on the HR side of things. Unfortunately, I was told that I needed to have a relevant degree for holding a HR position. After a lot of contemplation, I decided to pursue masters in International HRM from MBS.