Volunteering and Minimalism are addictive

Even though we might encounter inhibition initially to edit our lives or to be generous, we will soon be over that phase.
Showing up often on these two fronts can be addictive over time.
Once you feel the effects of oxytocin release as a result of generosity, we will be craving for more of oxytocin by volunteering more even if at the risk of sounding less altruistic.
Similarly, once we start editing our lives by removing unwanted stuff, people, and media we will be left with only important things in life such as more freedom, more money, more space, more time, and more energy. We can use all these ‘mores’ to practice more generosity, more love, more contribution, and so on.
Until you try it, you will not realize what you have been missing out on. This, in my opinion, is worth having a FOMO on.