Did technology and the Internet make the world more secular?

When we have information on things through connection, we tend to get less anxious and worried about important stuff in our lives such as whereabouts of our dear ones, health-related information, and so on. This connection can to a large extent solve many of the problems we face in our daily lives. Thus, fewer people go to temples and religious leaders to search for answers to their questions. They just need to google and there are several schools of thought on the same topics. They can reason, evaluate, and choose the school of thought that is most relevant to the context of their problems.
Earlier I used to pray a lot mainly due to so many irrational fears I had. I used to pray and seek for His help when I can’t figure out why certain things are the way they are when I feel I am not being heard and understood by people around me, and when I couldn’t figure out why certain things are not under my control.
Now it’s more of a gratitude prayer that I have. I feel much more at peace because I have enough information in hand to take control of my life. Also, I have learned to manage my expectations by reading and listening to several literature. I kind of have a fair idea as to how the world works and there are too many actors involved in many things that we want.
One key to happiness is lowering our expectations.