Keystone Habits

Fundamental keystone habits that give compounding results: (because goals are overrated and habits are fantastic to keep up)

1. Exercise
2. Cooking
3. Writing
4. Reading
5. Meditation
6. Socializing
In the initial stages, always show up first. Worry about perfection later.

Something to similar to keystone habits is keystone components in life. Examples from my life:
1. Minimalism – Helps me identify important things in life and navigate my energy and attention to this stuff in my limited time on this planet.
2. Getting a dog – Intrinsically there may not be any benefit. But extrinsically, there is a lot of correlation and even causation on our financial health. Made me more physically active by reducing costs on healthcare, improved my emotional and mental well-being by accepting me for who I am by boosting my confidence and morale that helped me work harder improving our financial outcomes.