Entrepreneurship & Expectations

Sharing Sadhguru’s wisdom on the choice of becoming an entrepreneur. So enlightening!

One thing entrepreneurs should understand is the meaning of being an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who has chosen to do what he wants with his life. When you’re doing what you want with your life, that is the greatest joy that you can have. But slowly, you forget that you are doing what you want. You start working for somebody else’s expectations. That’s not the way. The meaning of being an entrepreneur is that you are doing what you want to do, and you should continue to do that all your life. Success is not only in terms of size. Success must also be looked at in terms of finding full expression of who you are, your capabilities and your competence.  If any human being finds full expression of who he is, always, he will find success. If you compare yourself to somebody in another completely different area or arena of activity, and put the numbers together, those numbers may be bigger – that’s not the point. In your area of life, finding full expression is success.

So there is no need to be pressured by peer groups, media, this and that, as long as you are able to find full expression to who you are through the work that you’re doing, and above all, establish your way of being. An entrepreneur does something that he cares for, that he wants to do. So it matters to him. His work is important. Once your work is important, the most important thing is, you must work upon yourself. This is completely missing. Managing a business essentially means you are managing thousands of minds. If you can’t manage yours, how will you manage theirs? If you manage yours, where is the question of pressure? Where is the question of stress? There is no such thing. Work is not pressure. Work is not stress. It is your inability to manage yourself which is the stress.

Most people think it is their job, their family, their life situations, the taxes and the unpaid bills that are causing stress. But essentially, stress is your inability to manage your own system – your body, mind, emotions, and energy.

Stress is like friction in a machine. In other words, there is not enough lubrication in the system to function smoothly and easily. In everyone’s life, situations occur, but each person manages them differently, depending upon how smoothly his or her own system functions within itself. If you know how to manage this human mechanism, there is no question of stress. How successful you are in the world essentially depends on how friction-free your own mechanism is.