The new role of teachers

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see. – Alexandra K. Trenfor

The new role of teachers is to induce curiosity and self-discipline among students. We don’t have a content shortage anymore. What we are running short of is the inquisitiveness to go after things that matter in life and the practice of self-discipline to focus on those important things to make a difference in this world. We need someone who engages with us to find things that we would never have thought of (something like what Maria Popova does on Brain Pickings) and encourages us to take huge emotional risks as we do our work.
In the internet era, we don’t want anyone to provide a catalog that tells us what is cheaper and better (the internet already does that). So, if we want to be treated as a non-commodity, we must act like a non-commodity.

Another solution is to homeschool our kids from 3 – 11 pm helping them develop soft skills such as initiative, leading, empathy, kindness, and so on.

What if every six-year-old was reading, if math and science were treated as opportunities, not chores, if community service and leadership got as much space in the local paper and on TV as sports do?

The real win is creating a generation that actually delights in learning. Once people want to learn, there are more self-directed avenues open than ever before.

I wonder how many people will have to speak up before we end up redefining what ‘good enough’ looks like when it came to the single most important thing we do for our future and our kids.