The form(s) of media that’s worth consuming

At the risk of sounding old school, I must say that the only type of media that’s worth consuming is books and blogs followed by audio.
Books (include most of the written word) stimulate and demand our brains to perform tasks aiding in the brain’s growth.
When you read a book, all you get is information. Your brain has to translate that information into visuals, sounds, textures, and temperatures. Then your brain has to combine these to create thoughts and emotions. That’s a lot of work.
TV doesn’t do that. When you watch a motion picture, the visuals, sounds, and textures are given to you. The soundtrack in the background cues you on the emotions (the background music tells you what to feel and when).
Audio (includes audiobooks, podcasts, and music) is a non-rivalrous attention-seeking medium, and its effectiveness is based on repetition.
Radio is the theater of the mind.
We are storytelling animals and the actual telling of stories — that ancient aural mesmerism of the human voice — continues to bewitch us somehow more thoroughly than any other medium of tale-transmission. This, perhaps, is why podcasts have emerged as a storytelling modality capable of particular enchantment — a marriage of the primeval and the present.