Embracing uncertainty

How to act without knowing the result is a critical life skill we must cultivate. Right from our childhood to our workplace, we have constantly been doing activities that had clear results attached to them. For instance, when we went to school, we studied for the grades. When we did household chores, our parents rewarded us. When we went for work as an adult, we got paid for our efforts. We were never taught about uncertainty since we just did what we were being told.

Unfortunately, in real life, things aren’t as certain. Nobody will tell us which career or person is right for us. Therefore, we avoid making these decisions and tend to do things that are repetitive because they are safe.

Developing the ability to simply do things for no other reason than curiosity or interest or hell, even boredom — the ability to do things with no expectation for result or accolade or productivity or fanfare — will train you to better make these big ambiguous life decisions. It will train you to simply start on something without knowing where in the hell it’s going.

And while this will result in a thousand tiny failures, it will also likely result in your life’s biggest successes.

Stop making everything you do about accomplishing some fucking goal. Get good at wasting time in unexpected ways.

In the words of Joker, “Just do things.”