Soft skills are more relevant than ever

In the industrial era, a person who can type 20 words in a minute is considered to be more competent and skilled than a person who can type 10 words in a minute. But, gone are those days when our hard skills were measured to improve productivity.

Now, we live in a world where if something is measurable, it can easily be replaced by a computer or a machine. Hence, it doesn’t make sense to keep track of our hard skills beyond ‘good enough’ that improve our competence. It’s a losing battle.

Instead, soft skills are the only skills that are worth seeking out. Soft skills are rare and scarce making them more valuable than ever in our economy. Trustworthiness, leadership, the ability to see, honesty, courage, resilience to change, growth mindset and a connector of people and ideas are some of the soft skills worth cultivating. These aren’t measurable and therefore, having these skills can make you indispensable.

When we mindlessly enroll our kids in so many activities, we must understand whether we are exposing them to instances that help cultivate hard skills or soft skills or both.


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