Art, resistance, and mindset change

These are the three essential things that we must seek out to thrive and succeed in the coming decades. Here’s why.

The industrial age is gone and hence, the skills that were relevant at that age such as compliance, approvals, waiting for instructions and being a cog in the machine is also, gone.

Now, in the new connection economy, we don’t need people to comply. Instead, we need them to lead and make art that might not work. Competence is no longer a scarce commodity in the new connected world and so is perfectionism. What we need, instead, is art, which is not perfect, involves risk, and is not for everyone.

Similarly, leadership, as a skill, was a luxury in the past for an average person. That is, from an evolutionary perspective, the amygdala or the lizard brain prevented us from taking the lead in anything we do as leading involved noncompliance and breaking the rules that landed us in trouble.

Things have changed yet, the amygdala or the resistance persists in our brains. We need to acknowledge this fact and ignore the lizard brain to embrace the resistance to lead and make art.

All of this requires a change in our mindset and seeing the reality as it is to use the resistance as a compass, so we know where to go next.


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