What is success in the age of constant hustle

In one of the recent interviews of Seth Godin at Tim Ferris show, Seth addresses this question where he differentiates between quantity and quality in the age of constant hustle. This question can be rephrased as ‘what does success mean in the age of constant hustle? Can we win without being everywhere?’

Seth says, yes we can. He also, poses a counter-question, ‘can we win by being everywhere?’ The answer is obviously, no. If your answer is yes, then you have fallen into the trap where your time and energy is not focussed and is all over the place. It’s a losing battle, altogether.

None of us are everywhere. Most of the people on Earth have never heard of you or me, and most of the people online have never connected with either of us. It’s a trap, a giant trap designed to suck our attention and content away from us, and give us very little in return. Maybe a little heart shaped thing, or a button that points up, or a trend that makes us feel like we did a good job. This is all a trap. This isn’t what’s causing people to succeed.

Seth insists us to ask these questions, instead.

What’s the smallest possible footprint I can get away with?

What’s the smallest possible project that is worth my time?

What’s the smallest group of people who I can make a difference for or to?

Because smallest is achievable because smallest is risky. If you pick smallest and fail, you’ve really screwed up. We want to pick big because infinity is our friend. Infinity is safe, it gives us a place to hide.

Instead, look for the small. Be on one medium, in a place where people can find you. Have one sort of interaction with one tribe where this is what you do, this is what people need to look to you for.


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