Value of information in an era of echo chamber

Just like how misery loves company, our prejudiced minds can also, find a company in an echo chamber of filtered information. With the way the internet filter bubbles are configured, we can always find arguments to support our existing beliefs, and premises about the world. There is no standard internet anymore, it’s personalized.

This can stunt our personal growth by inflating our ego and pride giving us what we want instead of what we need to magnify our spirits. As the effects of echo chamber are on the rise, what is steadily declining is allowing ourselves the uncomfortable luxury of changing our minds. This rare luxury is going to be another valuable skill that we might need to thrive going forward.

We must be humble enough to understand the fact that we might be drawing conclusions about topics, ideas, and people based on the minuscule of information we have accumulated. What we need is the ability to perceive things as they are.

The time has come for us to be more humble, generous, forgiving, brave, and empathetic to others since they are also, caught in the echo chamber trap.