Self-awareness for a holistic problem-solving

Many of us are extremely good at providing cosmetic fixes to problems that humanity faces. While some of the fixes such as pain management in medical care are amazing, many fixes are merely cosmetic in the sense that they are symptomatic treatments and doesn’t necessarily remove the cause.
Any problem that can be perceived by our five senses is wonderfully solved using cosmetic fixes. For instance, in the US, waste disposal problem is well organized where trash bins are kept and emptied regularly. A more holistic approach resulting is a permanent fix would be to minimize waste generation by reducing overall consumption, which is yet to happen.
Similarly, modern medicine focuses more on treating the symptoms by finding and making easy access to drugs whereas a more holistic approach would be to eliminate the cause itself by ensuring easy access to quality food, air, and water.
We need to see and understand beyond what our five senses can perceive to find holistic solutions to humanity’s problems. It begins with self-awareness.